Britney Spears Hair Extensions

Britney Spears to Start New Line of Hair Extensions

After recent happenings regarding Britney Spears and her hair and to be more specific, shaving it all off, she has decided to offer her services to women all over the world be releasing her very own brand of hair extensions.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Britney Spears Hairstyle

Having worn hair extensions
for many years and been ridiculed herself for her so called “fake-weave” she has decided that it is now time to take matters into her own hands and allow women who do not have the luxury of long flowing locks the chance to have them. She has been known to admit that even though she hated the idea of hair extensions at first, she soon took a preference to them as they were easier than having many cuts and colors in order to keep her look new and fresh while still maintaining the blonde beauty look she has been known for.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Britney Spears Hairstyle

Reported to be released in March of this year, the new Britney Spears hair extensions line is a great way for girls and women all over the world to have the luxury of long locks even when they have problems growing their hair. With hair extensions becoming more and more popular, it would make sense for such an iconic name as Ms. Spears to jump on the bandwagon to make affordable options for extensions based on her own experiences and traumas with the delightful additions.
With the reports of various colors, styled and lengths of extension being soon to be made available, it could just be the added notch on her ever-growing entrepreneurial projects that the world has been waiting for.

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