Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes - Hairstyle Trendsetter

Amongst all of those famous celebrities out there, Katie Holmes is one of the biggest hair trendsetters. Katie Holmes has had many different hairstyles and there is no denying that they all look good on her. She has beautiful short hair that is brown in color and it always seems like it is shimmering. Katie Holmes has always been considered the type of girl next door girls when it comes to her looks, but she has also been considered as the other half of the famous actor, Tom Cruise.
Katie Holmes Hair

Throughout the years, Katie Holmes has become a glamorous woman that has a lot of style. As you watch her on television, you see her in outfits that are full of fashion and beautiful gowns that almost any woman would want. Her public appearances are outstanding and her hairstyles are always out of the world.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Young Katie Holmes

With the new hairstyles Katie Holmes develops, she has proven that she can have that fabulous look with any type of her hairstyles. If you are like Katie Holmes and you have brown hair that is short, then you could always turn to the classic bob style haircut and choose some clothes that will compliment your personality.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Katie Holmes with her hubby Tom Cruise

You should always go for outfits that are sweet looking and give the impression of the girl next door. The short brown haired girls are always able to wear that peasant shirt with a long skirt in order to add a look that is innocent. Believe it or not, but the type of clothes that look good on you will all be depending on the type of hairstyle you have.

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