The Gypsy Hairstyles

gypsy hairstyle

The gypsy hairstyle has been around many years, and seems to be experiencing a return of popularity in this particular style. One of the sexier and more carefree styles, it compliments most shapes of face and texture of hair. It’s loose with large curls or waves. Romantic and soft, it’s easy to maintain once a routine has been established. You may like to add braids and ornaments. A twist is nice, and several of them are even better. Still, the key is to stay soft and loose with any of the different takes on the gypsy hairstyle. There is no specific gypsy hairstyle. This makes it very easy to create your own signature style with this look. Ask any stylist for a gypsy. Most are up for the challenge of combining your creative energy with theirs and coming up with something beautiful and unique only to you.

braid hair

Another beautiful hairstyle that can be accomplished when one has long hair is a braid that begins in the classic French braid style results in curls and waves throughout the braid. It’s a beautiful update to a classic look. Best achieved in a stylist chair, it’s a very relaxing procedure. The cascade of curls is suitable for an afternoon event and easily slips into the evening social scene with a simple ornamentation or pins added to the braid. Detailed and dressy, you cannot go wrong with this look.
The long shag is another hairstyle that makes a comeback every so often. Its popularity in the 70’s surged when the feathering technique was introduced in the form of an angel, aka Farrah Fawcett. Now you see a modern take on the long shag as it was first originally conceived. The secret to this cut is the stylist working with a small amount of hair at a time.
Observe the stylist handling of your hair. If you observe her working on large sections of hair at a time, you may want to speak up for the sake of style. Do not be afraid to do so, as long hair deserves this type of detail. Again, a unique style can be achieved when the long shag is cut to accentuate the shape of your face. This style also works with most facial shapes, and if it’s a Farrah you wish to go for, do it! Hair trend suggest that this season is all about one’s individual look, and as long as it compliments the face, no look is outdated. 

The Farrah look is a long shag style with the feathering done around the face. A very specific cut and style, it’s still seen in most of the popular style books. It’s a layered cut of hair. Hair can be long or short, smooth or curly. Feathering is most adaptable. Though feathering is a very basic and easy cut, this is not something that is easily done to one’s own hair. Most stylists are very happy to feather as it’s a wonderful look and easy to obtain.
Another current look is the classic page boy cut. Cut on a longer head of hair, its smooth sexiness is an easy way to create a dramatic serious look while being very simple to maintain. This one is a bit more to consider in regards to the shape of your face. If you find it’s a look for you, then you will be happy with the results. Flipped under tightly or loosely, go with what suits your style best. The little twist added at the end of the hair forward from the ear is a look most men will notice!