Selecting New Hairstyle

With a new year for most people comes a new hair style. So what’s new and hip for 2011? Most of the latest hairstyles are updated variations of old favorites from the 1960s as well as the 1940’s and ‘back combing’ and ‘kinking’ are two trends from that time period that are enjoying renewed popularity.

Go For New Hairstyle!
In hair color, bright flashy colors like pink and green are out with 2010, 2011 is all about red and copper browns. No matter if you like short or long hair, it’s all about being unique with the right hairstyle, and a new hairstyle for 2009 should be fun, free, and reflective of times gone by, as well.

Elegant and Easy Hairstyle

Many celebrities are wearing hairstyles that suit both their facial and their personality, so if you are looking for long styles, look to those that feature kinks and waves which are red-hot this year. For shorter hairstyles, the ‘messy’ look is definitely the way to go. Today the popularity of a new hairstyle whether it’s short or long is due to their ability to make hair shine.

Short Hair & Trendy Colors

So in conclusion, when selecting the hairstyles for 2011, you will see a definite trend toward those that are edgy and sophisticated without taking it over the top, just be sure to choose one that suits your facial shape. The most popular haircuts are symmetrical and non-conforming: for instance, wearing sleek styles such as the back bun a great style filled with ringlets of curls, and long bangs with straight hair.