African American Hairstyles Spring Summer

Throughout time, the social significance that comes about with black hairstyles has stayed the same as it is a relevant part when it comes to black history. African Americans have a cultural trend with hairstyles that is not like any other American cultural trends.

The black hairstyles are representing a big part of history, not to mention pride amongst most of the black women. When black women enter into the hair parlor to receive a new hairstyle, they have to look at the whole picture and think about the type of social message they are going to be sending when they walk out of the parlor back into the black society. Below you'll find some great hair ideas for the African American girls.

Extremely short hair styles are also popular for 2009. Braided hairstyles have always been one of the most versatile looks for African-American women. Today, stylists are enhancing this look with human hair of a contrasting color for a more dramatic effect. Micro-braids are used when the design is more intricate. Classic and sophisticated are the buzz words for Black hairstyles in 2009 such as the French roll. In this style, the hair is pulled back to form a cone shape and then secured at the back of the head with hairpins.
This is an elegant style that works well for an evening on the town as well as for a business interview. For women who prefer to wear their hair in a natural style or dreadlocks, there are also many styling options. The ponytail remains a classic favorite for a casual look that can work for hair of medium length. Women who wear long dreadlocks can also style their hair in different ways from the French roll to a chignon or back bun.