Famous Ascension Celebrity Hairstyle

In the early nineties, a relatively unknown actress created a huge stir when she hit the scene with a much updated version of the long shag. Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle became known as the “Rachel”, named after the character she played in Friends. The Rachel employed lots of layers to the long shag to create body and bounce. The tapered cut on the ends of the hair added spunk and interest not seen before. The bangs were then side swept to complete this sexy look. Since then everyone has been hot on the trail of Anniston’s changing looks. She never strays too far from her long locks, whether it’s a soft wave with soft light coloring or dramatic curls in bold and funky browns. Layers work for Jennifer and has stayed constant in her evolving look. Definition at the crown is also a mainstay for the Jen while bangs continue to be swept softly, textured in an updated version of what the stylists refer to as the “sassy look”. Watching Jennifer and obtaining the style unique to yourself is easy to do. 

At 5’7, Angelina Jolie has learned to add height to her stature with the classic updo of her beautiful dark locks. Her color tends to stay within the chocolate family with sultry highlights throughout. On casual days, Angelina’s hair is kept at a uniform length with perhaps a bit of chipping here and there. A middle part defines this classic do and then allows the hair to fall naturally into large luminous curls. This cut lends itself well to the variety of updo’s Angelina is seen sporting on nights of glamour and fame. To get Angelina’s cut, start with an off the shoulder length bobbed style, cut with tapered ends and layered crown. Angelina’s grace and sophistication cannot be copied but there is no reason not to create your own!

Another dark haired beauty who has pulled off a variety of fabulous long locks is Alicia Keys. Alicia’s signature look of ringlets is easy to maintain. Starting with a spiral permanent then becoming proficient with a small barrel curling iron is essential. Alicia’s look is full of texture and height that has been designed by soft layers throughout the hair to create the bounce this looks demands. Alicia is also a fan of the more “jagged look”. Long locks are cut a bit jagged with angled cuts combined to add volume and define the wave of a past the shoulder look. Bringing more attention to her face is the classic side sweep of the bang. This style is very much a growing out cut for Keys. 
Healthy long hair is achieved high maintenance care. A growing out cut allows the hair to renew itself and gain maximum exposure to its own supply of vitamins and minerals. So, do not hesitate to take an inch off the length every so often. The rewards are hair kept happier and healthier. Alicia knows this secret, as you see her long wavy big curls shining with a light as no other. The bounce is created by layering, then parting down the middle. Parting the bangs in the middle gives a retro look as the bangs are enfolded into the side of the hair and becomes a part of the tight curls gathered there. All in all, this is a very grown up but sexy and sophisticated look for the song bird. At 5’8, this gorgeous songstress can gain an inch or two in height when desirable.
You can take any of these famous long hairstyles and make them a part of your personal look. All it takes is a clear picture and a great hairstylist to work the magic you desire. Combined with a bit of daring and self-confidence, you can look just as beautiful and stylish as any of these famous women.