Teenage Boys Haircuts 2009, 2010

Teenage Boys Haircuts 2009, 2010 Tips

There are many similarities between hairstyles for males and females in short and long variations. Usually the differences are due to limitations that may come from family, community or society at large. When looking at teenage boys haircuts, a large percentage of them are cut today at a longer length than was traditionally the custom. But even with a longer length of hair, the look is distinctly male because of its bold styling and clean, masculine lines.
Teenage Boys Haircut

For many style conscious teenagers, the super-straight style is the way to go, because it’s so simple to maintain. What makes this look work so well is when it’s defined with a deep-set side part and razor cut for a sleek, smooth finishing of the edges. This style is one of the most popular of all the teenage boys hairstyles because it’s also one of the most versatile. When the occasion calls for a special look, a touch of styling gel or texturizer is all that needs to be added to rework the hair into a more formal appearance.
The longer cut of is also popular when it comes to styling the hair for a more trendy “scene” look that is easily adaptable to look as edgy as it suits the person. For teenage boys haircuts that make the grade for a tough male look, this calls for a little more than comb and brush. While the hair is wet, applying styling gel to the hair before blow-drying and lifting the hair while combing will give a livelier, backswept look.