2009-2010 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Trends

2009-2010 Fall Winter Bridesmaid Hairstyles Trends and Tips

There seem to be a thousand and one details in planning a wedding. Many times the decision about the bridesmaid hairstyles are left to the last minute. Although it’s a good idea to select the dresses that they will wear first, it’s important to make sure that the bridesmaid hairstyles also suit their personality. It’s simple not enough to choose a salon and stylist for the task. In most cases, all of the bridesmaids will be wearing the same dress design, so it’s appropriate that their hairstyles also be in tune. The last thing any bride wants at her wedding is for the bridesmaid hairstyles to detract attention from her.
The best solution to choosing styles that complement the bridesmaids is to have a hair consultation with your hairstylist at least two months before the wedding. Ideally, the first meeting should be in an informal setting, rather than in the salon so that they can be relaxed and the stylist can observe them in their current hairstyle. Be sure to discuss if the hairstyles require a permanent wave or coloring treatment so this can be done well in advance of the wedding for the best results. Take into consideration the time and place of the wedding as well as the general theme. For instance if it is daytime or evening formal or casual afternoon wedding. Generally hairstyles for formal weddings are more elegant up-dos while the hairstyles casual weddings can be worn loose or gently pulled back away from the face.