Megan Fox Hair Color

Megan Fox Hair Color - Fall, Winter 2010 Edition

The bombshell Megan Fox has captured the hearts of men and women worldwide. Some love her for her acting, some for her modeling, and women love her hair. She always has a beautiful style and unique color. Here is how to get this beauty’s hair color for yourself.
If you already have black hair, lucky you – you and Megan have the same natural color. If you naturally have very dark brown hair, you could probably manage to get this look without needing to dye it black. To get the perfect color, you should have black hair. Be aware that for those with really fair skin the contrast between your new black hair and your skin can be startling; some people end up hating that look. If you dye your hair black, you either will have to wait for it to turn back to your natural color or get it bleached, which will damage your hair badly. Start by dyeing your hair black. Your own natural highlights will help bring out highlights in the black hair color. If your hair is naturally dark, you can just start highlighting. If you want to copy Megan’s look exactly, then add some dark brown highlights and some medium brown lowlights. Chestnut brown would be a good color for this. Another way you could achieve this look is by dyeing your hair black, then dye it again with a dark brown. If you choose this method, make sure to condition your hair since dyeing it could damage it. But you’ll have that same sexy look either way.