Spiral Perm Hairstyles

2009, 2010 Spiral Perm Hairstyles

Spiral perms were all the rage back in the 1980’s. Today they are making a comeback and if they are done correctly, a spiral pem can be truly beautiful. A badly done spiral perm will leave you looking like you just stuck your finger in a light socket, so make sure you go to a reputable stylist. Spiral perms make a woman look saucy, flirty, and extremely sexy.
The name spiral comes from how the hair is permed. Traditional perms use small rollers and your hair is rolled horizontally. A spiral perm uses long, slender rollers and your hair is rolled vertically, from the ends to your scalp, in a corkscrew fashion, hence the name “spiral”. Depending on the size of the vertical roller, your curls can be loose or extremely tight. You are not limited to always having one particular curly hairstyle when you get a spiral perm. Use a hairdryer with a diffuser to dry your curly hair and one without if you want to blow-dry it straight. Straightening your hair with a hairdryer will leave it appearing thicker and full of body; your curls will come right back when you wash your hair again. You can even use the diffuser for a little bit longer than it takes to dry your hair to change your hairstyle into attractive waves. Add some hair gel and you can scrunch your hair into even tighter ringlets for yet another look.
Spiral perms can cost almost twice as much as a regular perm. This is because they look best on longer hair and require more work. You could try giving yourself a spiral perm but you run the risk of a frizzy perm, and since spiral perms last months longer than a normal perm, you may not want to risk that. Also, remember to be careful after you get your spiral perm – use lots of conditioning products (perms dry out hair) and avoid any hair products that have alcohol in them. Alcohol will make the drying much worse. And if your hair is not in good condition, stay away from any type of perm or you’ll look like a dust bunny rather than a sexy woman.
Photo by Ikue