White Sox, Cubs, Sox tickets among priciest

Cubs, mlb, Chicago cubs, Red sox, mets, Chicago Cubs continue to be one of the most expensive tickets in Major League Baseball, while the White Sox becomes steam. The annual cost index published by Fan Team Marketing Report, Cubs ticket prices by a third to an average of $ 46.90. The White Sox are fourth at $ 40.67.

Subscriptions baseball in the average price of $ 26.91, which is 1.2 per cent last season, and the smallest increase in the history of the survey.

The cost for a family of four with the Cubs game, using the cost method of fan index, is $ 305.60, and the White Sox was $ 258.68, third and fourth place in the baseball.

The average cost index in the baseball fan is $ 197.35, up 2 percent last season.

Red Sox high prices for tickets ($ 53.38) and the cost of Fan Index ($ 339,01), and the Yankees for ($ 51.83 and $ 338.32).
Fan Cost Index (FCI) shows the relative costs of adopting a family of four with a sporting event. CFI is comprised of four chapters, non-premium tickets (using the price tickets), two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking space, or both programs panels and two adult sized hat.

In a poll last season, the Cubs surpassed Boston for the top ticket is $ 52.56, but the Cubs - in the second year of new ownership and management - reclassified thousands of seats, seats in the General Prize, which will be highlighted in a separate category. This reduces their average ticket price substantially. Cubs also added a new price category - capital - giving them five different levels of tariffs.

Retroactively adjusting rates, 2010 to see the changes, Cubs ticket average decreased by 1.3 percent in 2011.

Average White Sox ticket rose 5.2 percent last year, or about $ 2 per ticket.
On wages USA Today, the White Sox have a payroll higher than the opening day of the Cubs - $ 127789000 to $ 125,047,329.

Cubs tickets, "the average premium is $ 103.47, which represents about 12 percent of Wrigley Field, not including suites or club where subscriptions are not available. The average premium is $ 99.77 White Sox, but it is only 6 percent of the season potential ticket.

The main difference between the numbers of the two groups of luxury seats in this study is to give the White Sox added services, such as all-inclusive food and beverage packaging, and the Cubs do not.

All Major League Baseball spends about 13 percent of its seats in the premium ticket, according to figures provided by the team Team Marketing Report.