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Lee Dewyze Performance return american idol DeWyze, who narrowly defeated Crystal Bowersox (what’s she up to, anyway?) to take last season’s title, came off calm, cool and collected — lessons the initially shy and stiff singer learned over the course of last year’s “Idol” journey. Performing with a full band and wielding his own guitar, Lee’s song — from his first major label debut — was a hit with the audience.Why not? It was totally in DeWyze’s sweet spot — John Mayer-reminiscent soft rock. Non-threatening, sensitive and a perfect showcase for his understated voice.

lee dewyze Performance
A sampling of the potentially swoon-inducing lyrics:“Beautiful Like You” is among the 10 songs on the 11-song “Live It Up” that DeWyze co-wrote with collaborators such as Toby Gad, John Shanks and Espionage. The album was a blend of rootsy pop, rock and folk around DeWyze’s soulful, rough-edged voice and acoustic guitar.

While I questioned Adam Lambert’s decision to return to the “Idol” stage last week to sing an acoustic version of his song “Aftermath,” DeWyze’s return actually makes sense. He’s last year’s winner and will be going out on his first tour apart from “Idol” this summer, opening for Colbie Caillat.