Best Medium Prom Hairstyle


Medium hair can be styled anyhow. You can make them look shorter by curling or making them wavy or use them as long hair for hair updo and buns. Medium hair is easy to manage as well as easy to style. Another advantage of medium length hair is that you can go in for almost any hairstyle that does not require very long or very short hair.

prom updo hairstyle 2011

Use medium length hair for updo & buns for prom: You can use medium length hair to make updo. Almost any updo is possible, only thing is you need to practice much. Also, also if you want to go in for updo that requires hair braiding or hair twisting, you will need to grow your hair a little longer so the length does not go short when the updo is created. If the chosen style requires a little longer hair, you can always you artificial hair stuffing and hair extension if required.
2011 prom hairstyles

2011 medium prom hairstyle

In case, you want to avoid it, you have another equally stylish and fashionable option and that is the buns, these require a little less hair density and can be done quite easily, choose for yourself a bun which does not require too much hair and yet is stylish so it leaves you looking beautiful for prom.

Use medium length hair for fashionable styles: You can use your curling iron and curlers for some hairstyles. Wavy hair, braiding, twisting are some of the ways you can enhance your look. You can also try out loose curls for your hair. The best way to look beautiful through the medium length hair is to opt for beautiful bangs. Check out styles that use long bangs. Layers too, look fabulous; these especially allow a lot of volume to the hair and make it look trendy which is exactly the look you want for prom.