Round Faces Hairstyles 2010

Round Faces Hairstyles 2010 Tips

Many people have round faces. There are tons of cute hairstyles for round faces that are very complimentary. Make sure you really have a round face. You can ask friends and family members, your stylist, or put your hair up in a ponytail and draw an outline of your face in the mirror with a lipstick or something else you can easily wash off. If the outline is round, so is your face. Be careful to choose hairstyles that are specifically suited for round faces; if you choose one that isn’t meant for you, then you’ll face will look heavier and rounder than it should.

The best kind of hairstyle you can have is one that will add length to your face. Go for hairstyles that have longer hair that frames your face. These are much more flattering hairstyles. One good style is the angled bob, which is a very trendy and individual style. It can easily be tailored to your particular face by just adjusting the length of the layers. Don’t be afraid because it’s a short style; the beauty of the angled bob is that it suits anyone. Let your bangs frame your face and it will look thinner and sexier.

Long straight hair is a classic for people with round faces. Use a curling iron to curl the ends towards your face and either wear no bangs or sweep them off your face. This allows the long hair to flatter your features without making your face seem more round. You can also part your hair on the side and sweep your bangs to the side as well; this looks very feminine and flattering.

If your hair is curly, there is a lot you can do with a round face. Again, it is best if your hair is a bit longer where it will frame your face. Go for loose, bouncy curls; tight curls around your face will just add to the roundness. Try to keep your curls around your shoulders and lower; this way it’s flattering without adding any roundness to your face.