2009, 2010 Carrie Underwood Hair Color

2009, 2010 Carrie Underwood's Hairstyle Color

Carrie Underwood is undeniably a beautiful star. She has great tastes in fashion as well as hairstyles. She always makes sure she dresses for the occasion and she is well known for her beautiful blonde hair.

Many women would love to have Carrie’s color. She always looks amazing and it’s hard to not be jealous. In fact, Carrie has is a natural platinum blonde. If you are blonde and want her particular color, then you are in luck. It will be easy to drop by the stylist and get your hair lightened to the same shade as hers. Make sure you take a picture with you so the stylist can see exactly what shade you want. A natural blonde won’t have to worry about her skin color seeming at odds with her hair either.

If you are not naturally blonde, then you will have to have your hair bleached and dyed to get Carrie’s color. Again, make sure you take a picture with you so the stylist knows what you want. You may also want to consider your own skin tone. If you are very dark skinned it may look a bit strange for you to have platinum blonde hair. Of course, if that doesn’t bother you, then do not let it stop you! Just be prepared to baby your hair a bit, because it will be take a bit of work to get your hair to the right color.

Carrie sometimes wears hair extensions in different shades of blonde, so it can be difficult sometimes to get the exact color you want from her pictures. If the color you want looks like it has highlights, then play with them yourself! You can have her hair color and put your own spin on it with highlights, lowlights, and even extensions. This way, you’re still unique.