Mandy Moore Haircut Styles 2009, 2010

Mandy Moore's Haircut Styles 2009, 2010

Mandy Moore is a very popular singer and actress. While she’s been likened to pop princesses like Britney Spears, Mandy’s style is much more versatile and much more real. Her style is one that anyone can get and almost everyone looks good in them. Here are a few of her most commonly sought after hairstyles.
Mandy Moore Hair

Wavy and Long
Mandy had her hair down just past her shoulders. She had it layered and had her side bangs cut to frame her face. Mandy’s bangs were parted in the middle and swept to either side of her face. If you don’t have waves like Mandy’s, use a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers and roll them in. Then use your fingers to loosen the curls to the waves you want.
Mandy Moore Updo Hair

Softly Short
Mandy’s short hairstyle is easy to recreate and beautiful for any shaped face. To get this look, part your hair off center. Pull it back into a loose ponytail and pin in back. Let a little bit of your hair come down your neck and curl towards your face. Have some side bangs and pull them back while still letting them cover just the sides of your forehead. The bangs will enhance your facial features. This is a great look that you can adapt in many ways, such as adding accessories, or braiding your hair loosely and then pinning it up in the back.
Mandy Moore Haircut Style

The Natural
For this look, have your hair trimmed in flowing layers. Make sure you go to a stylist for this one so that the layers can be done in a flattering way. Add some curls with a large barrel curling iron and loosen them into waves. If you want, pull the top layers back and pin them, as if you were putting your hair half up. Use a bit of mousse and your fingers to finish off the style.