Can Everyone Wear Short Hair?

For many, the question of whether or not short hair would look good on them, is one that comes up over and over again right before a trip to the stylist. Depending on who you ask and the style your are trying to achieve, short hair can look great on every face.

Short hair is defined as hair that falls above the shoulder line. Among the degrees of short hair, there are styles that require very short hair length and styles that fall closer to a medium hair length. The shorter the style, the less likely the cut will tailor to every woman's face. In order to create a short hair look that is perfect for every facial shape, the hair needs to accentuate the positives of the face.

For short hair styles and rounder faces, it is important to make the face appear longer than it truly is. This can be achieved by cutting short hair in layers as opposed to blunt end cuts. Wispy ends flatter and round face, while straight, blunt cuts just make a round face appear more round.

For longer faces, short hair styles with blunt ends actually prove to widen the look of the face. Unlike round faces, long faces want to appear more wide to detract from the length of the face. If you have a long face, the shortest of short hair styles should be avoided because they actually make the face appear more lengthy. The perfect short hair style for the longer face is the chin length bob.