Beach Hair Ideas

Beach Hair Ideas for Summer 2010

Everyone loves the beach, but no one likes having to spend a long time trying to get a hairstyle that will look good on the beach without becoming flat or frizzed. There are several styles that you can choose from that will give you a great look without all the fuss, and will get you out and having fun in the sun in no time.

One of the best styles to wear for the beach is a low-key wavy style. This style is very easy to do yourself, so you don't have to worry about getting an appointment with a stylist. In fact, this style looks best when it's not perfectly done! Wash your hair and towel dry, then put it up in a few fat braids and go to bed. When you get up in the morning, just undo the braids, comb your fingers through your hair, and you're ready to hit the beach. This look won't frizz or anything, and you'll look great all day long.

Another great style is just a ponytail. Yes, a ponytail. Pull your hair into a ponytail, preferably a low one, and then separate the tail into two different sections. Simply twist them about halfway down and secure. This is a cute and trendy look that will keep your hair cleaner and out of your face. You can also try a braid instead of just a twist, and that will look wonderful on the beach as well. Adding a flower or other accessories is a great idea for a beach party.