Popular Hairstyles This Summer 2010

Popular Hairstyles This Summer 2010
Some things are always going to be in style, like chocolate, Sean Connery, reality TV, and owning a cat. And some hairstyles are universal. Curls, short, long, layers – there are many to chose from. But surprisingly, one of the most popular trends for this summer
is medium hair length.
Medium Wavy Hairdo For Summer 2010

Long hair take a back seat, because this year women want their hair to be just right. Medium hair offers versatility long hair doesn’t. It’s not quite as hard to maintain and doesn’t take as long to style, nor is it stuck in one particular style like short hair is. Anything can be done to medium hair and it can be worn in any style. Medium straight hair is often portrayed as laying flat on the face, framing and giving the eyes a dramatic curtain to look through. And believe it or not, curls actually look better on medium hair, and last longer. Because of the length, it is less likely that the curls will fall out, and can even hold up for as much as two weeks or more. If your hair is thin, a medium length would be a good fit for you. Long, thin hair often demands thickening through extensions or otherwise, but medium thin hair can be worn as is, straight, without having much to worry about or fuss over. If your hair is thick, a short length might come out much too poodle-like, but a medium length will give your hair just the room it needs to behave the way you want it to.