Hair Shade Trends 2010

Hair Shade Trends 2010

This year actually has a hair shade trend that I want to try: plum highlights. That actually makes me want some fruit too, but plum highlights sound great because my hair is already a dark shade. I’ve always wanted to try this. Sounds silly, but now I have an excuse to.

Not that crazy bright plum either, but a deep plum, the kind that’s sophisticated and classy. Actually, I might run out and get it done later on today. That’s how giddy I am about it.

Look for darker shades of brown this year, like rich chocolates, cocoa and even mahogany. Since the shade trends are dark, you’re going to see vibrant, deep reds, like mahogany, and even deeper shades of blonde. Except maybe in California, where for some reason sun-streaked strands are still relatively normal.

If you’re going to go blond, try for a honey color. That’s a nice medium between light and dark. You can even go darker, if you’d like; some blond colors are actually closer to brunette than they are to actual blond. Those shades look natural, and are soft, not harsh, so you probably won’t wind up asking what possessed you to do it a day later. Plus, going severely light on your hair all at once, may damage it. With a darker color blond, you’re saving your hair from drying out, becoming brittle and/or breaking.

Don’t be shocked if you see a couple of lavender hues round about town either. In fact, applaud, because that woman is bolder than I’ll ever be, and she probably looks good with it.