How to Look After Blonde Hair - Spring

Gentlemen prefer blondes, blondes have more fun; two phrases that are well known among women of all hair colors but especially those that have blonde hair. However, looking after your blonde hair is the only way that you can stand up and enjoy these phrases and there are a few specific hints and tips for blonde hair that you can make use of to make sure that this is so.

Bleached blonde can look cheap and tacky whereas dirty blonde can just look… well dirty! The right shade for your coloring is important and the first time you go blonde, it should be done so at the hair salon. After this you can get the same color and then dye your hair at home but a hairdresser will be able to advise you on the best shade first and foremost.

Once you have gone blonde it is especially important that you maintain the look. Dark roots do not look good on anyone so highlights or touch ups every six to eight weeks are important to make sure that the hair still looks good.

However, this continual maintenance can strip the hair so make sure that you use a conditioner and shampoo that has been designed for colored hair or those for blonde hair. Deep conditioning with hot oils should also be kept up to make sure that the hair does not look dry or brittle.