Beyonce Hair at 2009 Oscars

There has been a lot of speculation over Beyonce’s hair at this year’s Oscars with a lot of people complaining that not enough effort went into the hairstyle for such a prestigious red carpet event. She did look beautiful as she always seems to look, but the hairstyle was very plain compared to the beauty of her dress and makeup but nevertheless, she still looked every inch the Hollywood beauty queen.
All of her hair was pulled tightly back from her face which for some people may have caused a problem but with Beyonce’s wonderful skin and picture perfect makeup, she pulled it off well. It was all tied into a low ponytail at the back of her neck and just to jazz things up a little, the hair was curled into tight ringlets as so not to make the look too plain.

Overall the hairstyle was simple yet breathtaking and surely did not deserve the criticism that it was exposed to? With such a natural beauty as Beyonce, intricate styles of hair and makeup are simply not needed which is perhaps why she went for such a simple and easy style?

There are not a lot of women in the world that can deal with such tightly pulled back hair without looking as though they have had a rather bad facelift but this gorgeous singer manages to do it with all of the poise and elegance that you would expect from such a well received artist.