How to Fight the Dandruff

How to Fight the Dandruff - Hair Tips for Summer 2009

There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing your slinkiest black dress only to find that it has been covered in white specks because of your irritating dandruff problem! Flaky scalp, dandruff, whatever it is that you want to call it, it can have the potential to stop even the most confident of people in their tracks and can bring about the need for a major wardrobe overhaul to stop the appearance being so great.
Sometimes it makes sense to go back to basics and use natural remedies to fight the dandruff rather than spend all of your time avoiding a black t-shirt or dress. Why not go out and buy yourself a bottle of tea tree oil or a bottle of shampoo with this compound within it? This has been well proven to effectively fight dandruff without any other side effects and the best news of all is that it actually works.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition

Another thing that you can use to fight the dandruff is to add about two teaspoons of vinegar to around six of water and then to apply to the hair concentrating on the scalp just before you is due to go to bed. This may not smell particularly pleasant but again has been proven to work and can get rid of the pesky white flakes.
There are many medicated shampoos which you can buy to have beautiful hair without the worry of white flakes and although these may be costly, will contain some form of antiseptic which will stop the itching by treating any infections and will also get rid of the white flakes as well.