Hairstyle Trends to Try - Spring and Summer 2009

Hairstyle Trends to Try in Spring and Summer of 2009

2009 is calling for a major overhaul in hairstyles and with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes trying new and dramatic looks to enter the year, perhaps it is about time that we all took a leaf out of their book and try new hairstyles for ourselves.
Despite these celebrities going shorter with regards to hair length, the long and sleek look is still very much in with centre partings, no bangs and ultra glossy and ultra sleek locks. This is an easy look to recreate even without the use of heated irons to straighten the hair and all it needs is a little blow drying and a lot more conditioning.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - 2009 Hair Trends

Following on with the longer length theme, it is a good idea to look at stars such as Angelina Jolie for inspiration for styles for out long hair. Rather than going for the long and sleek look to complete a perfect outfit, Angelina Jolie generally opts for loose waves which suits her face shape perfectly. Using large rollers and a large round brush, these loose waves are easily recreated and a final burst of hairspray will keep the hair in place.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - 2009 Hair Trends

Of course if you really did want to do something very dramatic with your hair for 2009, you could always follow in the footsteps of sexy ladies such as Agynes Deyn and go for the bleached blonde crop that shouts “edge” while still showing sex appeal.

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