Beyonce Spiral Curly Hairstyle

Beyonce's Spiral Curly Hairstyle

Beyonce is a well known star. Many people love her for her fantastic voice, while others adore her fashion sense. She has become a role model and fashion icon for many women and girls around the world. Beyonce is not afraid to be a curvy woman, and she helps to make other women be comfortable in their own skins. Beyonce also has incredibly beautiful hair that is the envy of many women.

Beyonce's hair always looks great, and the spiral style that she wears gives her hair lots of curl and lots of bounce. This style is playful, fun, and still flirty and sexy. Medium and longer length hair is perfect for this style which will look good on just about any woman. Beyonce has her hair parted in the middle, and her bangs are parted as well. Her hair falls naturally around her face and shoulders, but not in her face. The look is a very open one and makes her seem very approachable.

This is a very simple style for anyone to get. If your hair is already naturally curly, then you pretty much just need to add some styling gel while your hair is damp and scrunch with your fingers to get a look that is almost exactly like Beyonce's. Otherwise just use medium-sized rollers or small Velcro rollers. A small curling iron will work as well. Make sure you curl your hair in a spiral around the rollers or curling iron in order to get the same look. Use smoothing serum or whatever product you prefer to control frizz and part in the center.