Halle Berry Pixie Haircut

Halle Berrry Pixie Haircut - Short Hair Trend For 2009

The gorgeous Halle Berry has been known to wear a variety of hairstyles. Although she has been known to wear many variations of short hairstyles in recent times, it wasn't as late as 2004 that Halle Berry was seen wearing very long (waist length) curly hair. However, short hairstyles are known to suit Halle Berry best. A good example would be the Halle Berry Pixie haircut.

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut in itself takes a lot of self-confidence in a woman to wear it since it exposes the face to a minimum bear. Not every woman would be able to pull it off successfully. You will need to have the right face shape along with the right facial features (eyes and lips for instance). If you are looking for a modern and trendy short hairstyle, the Halle Berry Pixie haircut would be ideal.

Before anything else, you will need to get your hair to relax. Although you can easily find a mild relaxer in your nearest pharmacy, you will have to apply with utmost care as it is known to have a tendency to be able to burn your scalp. As such, I would recommend you going to your hairstylist to get your hair relaxed by a professional.

Using a generous amount of sculpting serum helps to style a pixie haircut. Brush your hair toward your face area using a one-inch ceramic round brush. When you are done, allow hair to air-dry.

Halle Berry's pixie haircut will accentuate your eyes and lips. If you have it, flaunt it!

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