Short Hair - Things To Consider

Find The Face Structure, Hair Texture And Form - Summer 2009 Tips

Short hairstyles are the latest fashion statement that has been donned by many of the famous celebrities like Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, etc. But before you actually go for a short haircut, the first thing that you have to do is determine your face structure. Fashion is what makes you look good and makes you feel comfortable. So, what looks good on your face is of the utmost importance.
Great Looking Short Haircuts

Generally we know 8 different face types – square, oblong, round, oval, triangle, heart, pear and diamond. Among all the types of the faces, the oval face is the most flexible one that goes perfectly well with most of the hairstyles short, medium or long.
Hair texture is also something that you should make sure of. It can be fine, medium or coarse. Fine hair is best suited for the short hairstyles. Then finally, the thing that needs to be determined is the hair form. Straight hair is most flexible and goes best with all kinds of hairstyles, including, short haircuts.

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