Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Hair - Famous Because of Hair Styling?

Could the world’s most popular movie star owe most of her fame to her hair stylings? Maybe not, but in the case of Jennifer Anniston the argument could be made!
Jennifer Aniston - Great Looking Hairstyle

Since 1994 she has been one of the best “Friends” a hairstylist could have, demonstrating to the world the power of a well-designed look. What is it about this young superstar’s hairstyle that keeps the camera’s eye hypnotized? Part of Jennifer’s secret is the consistency of her hairdos. She knows what works for her and she sticks with it. This does not mean that she never tries anything different or offbeat, but it does mean that you will certainly not see her suddenly going with a shocking pink look.
Jennifer Aniston Latest Hairstyle - December 2008

Her long hair
is part of her trademark, now, and she always takes care that her different looks defer to her most famous style. Her parting is almost always in the same place, just above the pupil of her right eye, and she rarely goes for a length of less than eight inches (although she often will use different lengths in the same hairdo on the front and the back of her head, as in her most recent inverted bobs). She rarely uses buns, braided or otherwise, usually preferring to let her hair flow around her shoulders. She may uses a tint of varying shades, but never ventures far from her basic brunette color. She does uses a tremendous variety of effects on the ends of her tresses, straightening them out one week and employing heavily textured waves the next.

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